FreeBSD & Solais 9 questions

HarryH forHarryH at
Fri Jan 23 11:20:32 PST 2004

I have BSD 4.8 and want to install it on a server that already had Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server.   I want to install BSD on a spare partition so my questions are:
  1.  Will BSD install for multiple boot with Windows already there and if so, 
  2.  How much disk space do I need for a good server/workstation install - no games or source code -  will 5GB do the job?  Do I need more?
  3.  What are the potential problems that I need to be aware of during and after installation?

I just installed Solaris 9 X86 on an older PC with a 4GB HD, and it will not allow me to logon.  It issues a message, "DT Messaging system could not be started"  and tells me how to work around it with a "failsafe logon" and files to check.  I have been all over the Internet looking for solutions.  This appears to be a fairly common problem but none of the solutions seem to really work.  Do any of you know of a good Solaris Users Group?

I am new to Unix.


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