Memory problems:-(

Darcy Buskermolen darcy at
Thu Dec 9 16:16:56 PST 2004

On December 9, 2004 11:11 am, Akhthar Parvez. K wrote:
> This is not a bad thought, although simply removing the RAM and reinserting
> it properly is often enough to reset the memory and wipe the contacts clean
> of any minor oxidation on the contacts.
> Toothpaste or other abrasives are excessive, although the notion is
> amusing. *
> The right stuff to use is called "electrical contract cleaner", available
> from Radio Shack or equivalent.  It will even revive keyboards after a user
> dumps a can worth of soda into them.
> Alcohol is a decent second-choice alternative.

If you are using Alcohol, make sure that it is 99.9% pure isoproponal  
(rubbing alcohol) and not 70%.  The 70% leaves a residue behind that defeats 
the purpose of cleaning to beging with.

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