Memory problems:-(

Akhthar Parvez. K akhthar at
Thu Dec 9 11:10:03 PST 2004


I have even tried replacing the RAM and upgrading the RAM. But nothing worked.
And I am facing this issue on both my FreeBSd servers. And no problems in my 
redhat servers. Please do not give me an unmatured reply as my friends Oliver 
and Check gave.

Olivier Nicole wrote:
>> I am facing a lot of memory issues with all services in the server.
>> Following log will tell you what is the exact problem.
> Have you tried cleaning the contacts on the memory stick?
> Cotton bud and rubing alchool, thooth paste, sliver cleaning paste,
> car polish... OK use alchool last to rinse the contacts... That can
> help. Especially is the machine has to deal with some difficult
> environment, has been moved recently, etc.

This is not a bad thought, although simply removing the RAM and reinserting it 
properly is often enough to reset the memory and wipe the contacts clean of 
any minor oxidation on the contacts.

Toothpaste or other abrasives are excessive, although the notion is amusing. *

The right stuff to use is called "electrical contract cleaner", available from 
Radio Shack or equivalent.  It will even revive keyboards after a user dumps a 
can worth of soda into them.

Alcohol is a decent second-choice alternative.


[*]: "Amusing" since this entire reply was prompted by a memory of someone who 
tried to fix scratched audio CD's using toothpaste...which sometimes even 
worked, but more often generated some remarkable skipping remixes that would 
confuse CD players. :-)

I'd imagine you could make a good markup reselling ski wax, if you started a 
rumor on overclocking sites that waxing your RAM would make your computer go 
faster ("hey! this stuff makes skis and snowboards go faster, right?") 
Contrary to popular opinion, however, computer memory does not run faster when 
you apply wax to it.

In other words, no car polish.

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