GBIT router/switch/nic/driver questions

Christoffer Pio cp at
Thu May 15 06:17:31 PDT 2003

> Hello,
> Can anyone tell me about performance issues re. freebsd
> in filtering bridge configuration, compared to router
> configuration? The filtering will take place between
> two ethernet gigabit interfaces. Also, what kind of ethernet
> fiber SX gigabit interface is recommended for production
> use? I need to continue maintaing high uptime and stability
> is primary concern, also it need to perform well and of course
> the driver must work well.
> How many NMBCLUSTERS do I need for a bussy 1 gbit ethernet
> filtering bridge or router? Other kernel issues to keep in mind?
> I use ipf for ip filtering. I was also wondering if there exist
> any dual fiber gigabit ethernet cards (two fiber-pairs on one
> card) in order to save pci slot space. Also, any
> considerations on pci bus bandwidth must be done?
> I will be grateful for any hints or comments.
> Please direct copy of response to cp at since I do
> not subscribe to any mailing lists.
> Thanks
> Christoffer Pio

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