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On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 07:01:44AM -0700, Mooneer Salem wrote:
+> Interesting. Wouldn't some optimizations only produce negliable results
+> though (in relation to the
+> amount of mess created in the code), especially since PC technology has come
+> a long way?

Exactly! This is todays point of view. No! Not everything could be
optimize by compiler and I'm not saying that algorythms optimization isn't
important - it is of course much more important than code optimization
and I'm talking about it to, but micro optimization is needed as well.

Messy code? Why? People skilled in optimization know which parts of code
should be really optimized and which aren't important from performance
point of view at all (code profiling?). Good optimized code shouldn't be
ugly, ehh.

IMHO we should really, seriously think over this problems, because even
if we are able to speed-up some stuff (like IPFW, UFS, VM, internet protocols)
even 5% it is worth it.

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