FReebsd 5.0 network performance problem

Alan Jorge Markus freebsd at
Tue May 6 17:48:37 PDT 2003

Hi Paulo,

I will follow you... this was my first production server running the 5.
series, and I think you are right, I will wait until the 5.2 release be
I am using freebsd in the last 2 years , i am in love for this OS  : ), but
I´m just a baby using it.
Your are right, I will follow you, i will wait until 5.2 series at least ...
Thank you.

Best regards.
Alan J Markus

> Hey Alan,
> 5.0 is a stable release, but since it is a FreeBSD full of new
> technology, you should consider it "experimental". I will not migrate
> my servers (4.7/4.8) to the 5. series untill 5.2 at least. I run 5.0 on
> a test machine and still it has problems (including performance being
> slower than the 4 series).
> best regards,
> Paulo Roberto
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