freebsd-performance Digest, Vol 4, Issue 9

Eric Anderson anderson at
Thu Jun 19 05:37:43 PDT 2003

s_porotnikov at wrote:
> I tested software RAID 0 via VINUM on FreeBSD 5.1 three hard drive IBM
> Ultrastor IC35L073VCD210 connected to onboard Adaptec dual chanel AIC-7899W
> based controller (64 bit 66MHz PCI), and compared them to Adaptec 2100 RAID
> controller (32 bit 33MHz PCI). The performance hardware RAID is appeared
> on 15 % less than VINUM. CPU usage is same.
> Test utils are rawio and dd with many fork process (8).
> The CPU are Xeon 2.4 GHz, SuperMicro MB P4DP6Q with Intel E7500 Chipset.

Interestingly enough, I found FreeBSD 4.8 to be faster at local disk 
writes than FreeBSD 5.1.  About 50% faster.


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