Major problem with "No buffer space available" errors

James West jwest254 at
Thu Jul 17 03:52:54 PDT 2003

> So the questions to answer are:
> 1)	Are you using a lot of ICMP (e.g. ping, traceroute, RIP, etc.)?

The box is almost idle - there's definitely no pings going on, and no traceroutes either, also no RIP.

Could this be caused by a flood of some sort? (like a DoS attack?)

> 2)	Are you using a lot of UDP (e.g. Linux NFS clients using UDP
> 	mounts and an rsize or wsize larger than the MTU would permit
> 	to fit in a single UDP packet)?

No, not udp - the only UDP traffic that'd be going on with the box is DNS. The box runs qmail, apache, ssh and that's it. Nothing else - no other ports are open on the machine other than ones for these services, everything else is locked down (syslog's not listening on a network port, mysql isn't etc. etc.).

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