Pedram Nimreezi Support at Netflag.Net
Sat Jul 5 12:56:45 PDT 2003

isn't it more like Eine Welt, ein Netz, ein Programm

anyway.. I lose forum data, maybe it was a 4.x thing?

At 01:46 PM 7/5/2003 +0200, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>On Fri, 04 Jul 2003 14:25:08 -0700
>Pedram Nimreezi <Support at Netflag.Net> wrote:
> > I've been hearing a lot about Linux-HA (High Availability) as an avid
> > Linux? not interested person
> > I was wondering if there was any such construction available to freebsd...
> > as opposed to like an
> > taking over an IP when a specific server no longer pings... I say that
> > since mysql replication doesn't
> > work too well when you're load balancing using round robin A records.
> > Forums lose data, stuff like that.
>I don't have hard data for load balancing, but at least for failover
>situations 2 MySQL (3.23.x) servers replicate without problems here. For
>more than 2 systems it is a little bit tricky.
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