SWAP size

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 30 17:24:39 PDT 2003

Benjamin Krueger wrote:
> * Jin Guojun [DSD] (j_guojun at lbl.gov) [030430 15:54]:
> > For server, 2x may be required, and typically 2.5x is needed.
> In what instance can you expect to have server processes that are ok to
> page to disk? Maybe I'm wrong, but I've always considered a server that
> is paging my important processes to disk a broken server in need of ram.

When your boss won't buy you more hardware, and expects you
to do your job anyway, and your job involves deploying
services on the available machinery.

As long as the processing load, when swap is included, doesn't
impact user-visible performance, it probably doesn't matter if
you are swapping or not.

So I'm going to say there's a fair bit of distance between
"user experience broken", "organization broken", and "server
broken", with "server broken" being last in line...  8-).

-- Terry

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