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Jason Stone freebsd-performance at dfmm.org
Wed Apr 30 16:32:15 PDT 2003

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> If you have a lot of memory and you are able to control all processes
> not to overrun the system memory, 0.5 - 1x swap is OK;  you need some
> swap space to back up yourself in case something happens. That is why
> 2x is recommended; but not required if this is not a server.
> For server, 2x may be required, and typically 2.5x is needed.

Also remember that crash-dumps get written to swap, so if you want to be
able to take a dump in the event of a panic, you need at least as much
swap as physical ram.

Since crash-dumps are usually a good idea (or at least the ability to take
a dump if your system starts acting strangely), I think you should never
have less than 1x ram on a production system.


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