Problem with openoffice 2.3.1 on freebsd...

Bengt Ahlgren bengta at
Sat Dec 29 10:21:53 PST 2007

peterjeremy at (Peter Jeremy) writes:

> On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 10:08:38AM -0500, Kris Moore wrote:
>>I noticed that a patch was made to fix it:
> I've tried this patch and it had no effect - OOo still reports the same
> glib initialisation errors and hangs.
> On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 04:07:56PM -0500, Kris Moore wrote:
>>I found that by setting OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP="gnome" before running any of the 
>>office programs does allow them to function, without crashing.
> Looking at the source, OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP can take the values 'none',
> 'cde', 'kde' or 'gnome'.  Setting it to 'gnome' makes OOo work -
> except that it won't exit.  When you exit, the window closes but the
> soffice-bin process hangs around exchanging messages with X.  I suspect
> it is waiting for the (non-existent in my case) gnome WM to tell it to
> die.  All the other values fail in glib initialisation.

I have the same problem with OOo looping.  I am using KDE and built
OOo 2.3.1 on 6.3-RC2/amd64 with WITHOUT_MOZILLA, WITH_CUPS, WITH_KDE,

I think the problem is connected with the OOo systray quickstarter.
If I set OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP="gnome", it works as others previously
described (but I then get the gnome iconset...).  The quickstarter
appears at once when you start OOo, and is still there when you close
the last window, explaining your issue that soffice.bin doesn't exit.

It seems that the systray quickstarter thing does not work when OOo
(correctly) believes that it deals with KDE.  If you first start OOo
with OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP="gnome", and select "Disable systray
Quickstarter" in the systray menu, you can then start OOo with
OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP="kde", or without setting it at all, without running
into the looping problem.  That is, you don't need the patch.

So, is this a FreeBSD-only problem?  Does it appear if you build
without setting WITH_KDE?


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