WITH_TTF_BYTECODE_ENABLED=1 not working anymore?

Bartosz Fabianowski freebsd at chillt.de
Fri Nov 17 03:07:23 PST 2006

As of 11th August 2005 (that's over a year ago), OpenOffice.org uses the 
freetype2 port and does not build its own freetype library anymore. The 
WITH_TTF_BYTECODE_ENABLED=1 has been a no-op since then. So, the problem 
is not a change in the OpenOffice.org port. However, you are not the 
first person to notice that something has gone wrong with TTF 
anti-aliasing on FreeBSD in general. I have seen complaints on other 
mailing lists and a machine I just set up recently also has bad looking 
fonts. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover where this problem comes 

- Bartosz

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