writer 1.9m105 not accepting arrow keys etc.

Ryan Rempel rgrempel at
Tue May 31 11:09:53 PDT 2005

I´m testing 1.9m105, installed from the package at, as well as built from the port. In both
cases, the ´writer´ application is not accepting arrow keys, the
delete key, etc. When I try to use those keys, nothing happens. Oddly
enough, the other applications all work just fine with those keys
(that is, the spreadsheet, graphics and presentation programs all work
just fine -- it´s just writer that doesn´t work).

I´ve played around with the LANG environment variable and various KDE
keyboard settings to see if they make a difference, but none of the
variants I´ve tried has worked.

The environment is KDE 3.4 on FreeBSD 5.4.

Any insight into this would be much appreciated. Is anyone else seeing
this, for instance? Or is it generally working? What should I be
fiddling with to try to make it work?¨

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