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Thu Dec 15 06:50:13 UTC 2016


I just found the official doc points to gcc6 as one of depends:

Julia only use the fortran compiler in gcc, do not need the c compiler.
But seems the Uses/ do not accept any argument to change the
gcc version. If I change the gcc version via USE_GCC=6, it changes CC
as well. As previous remarks, Julia only need the fortran compiler of gcc.
There are some side effects that we do not want from USE_GCC.

I think this is a flaw in ports framework. Any idea?

Iblis Lin

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 12:03:16AM +0800, Iblis Lin wrote:
> Hi,
> The PR on bugzilla is here:
> And here is the repo of the port:
> (Thanks to patient guidance from lwhsu@ !)
> Some notes about options:
>      By default, the GPL_LIBS will not be enabled, this cause some
> fft related function not working.
>      If we enable the GPL_LIBS, the version of math/suitespare in
> our ports is too old, it will make tons of function reveal
> warning. Need help for update suitespare.
> If you are interested in this port, please help on testing.
> To be honest, I am not a developer of julia and even cannot write
> any julia code (maybe was able to write few). I started to port it,
> just because I need to write machine learning homework in my university
> course. :p  There is also lots of math libs julia required, and I still
> cannot understand the complex relationship of them at all
> , e.g. tons of Xblas, LAPACK ... etc. If I pin the wrong depends in
> Makefile, please comment.  Or, one can be replaced by another one,
> please comment, also. I will try to add OPTIONS.
> About the `make test`, I still got some mmap testing failure on my box.
> Maybe we can discuss them first. Then, upstream to julia's github
> issue tracker.
> -- 
> Iblis Lin
> 林峻頤
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