lang/julia call for testing

Iblis Lin iblis at
Wed Dec 14 16:11:28 UTC 2016


The PR on bugzilla is here:

And here is the repo of the port:

(Thanks to patient guidance from lwhsu@ !)

Some notes about options:
     By default, the GPL_LIBS will not be enabled, this cause some
fft related function not working.
     If we enable the GPL_LIBS, the version of math/suitespare in
our ports is too old, it will make tons of function reveal
warning. Need help for update suitespare.

If you are interested in this port, please help on testing.
To be honest, I am not a developer of julia and even cannot write
any julia code (maybe was able to write few). I started to port it,
just because I need to write machine learning homework in my university
course. :p  There is also lots of math libs julia required, and I still
cannot understand the complex relationship of them at all
, e.g. tons of Xblas, LAPACK ... etc. If I pin the wrong depends in
Makefile, please comment.  Or, one can be replaced by another one,
please comment, also. I will try to add OPTIONS.

About the `make test`, I still got some mmap testing failure on my box.
Maybe we can discuss them first. Then, upstream to julia's github
issue tracker.

Iblis Lin

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