[rfc] tcp timer update for RSS

Bentkofsky, Michael MBentkofsky at verisign.com
Sat May 17 14:44:32 UTC 2014

Hi Adrian,

I haven't had the chance to look this over carefully yet as we're at BSDCan. I think I understand what you're trying to achieve by aligning the per-CPU timer processing per core. In principal that sounds reasonable, although I am unsure if you were trying to solve a particular performance issue with this particular change. My sense is this is all preparatory with the goal of all inp processing to become per core. Could you comment on the general evolution you're considering? Do most of the PCB structures become per-core, as in PCB groups?

If you'd like us to test this change, I'm happy to do so. At the moment I don't know if we'd expect to see any benefit - do you have any traffic conditions for which this showed any difference? But we can certainly drive many hundreds of thousands of connections at reasonably high connection rates if that will help.


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