[rfc] tcp timer update for RSS

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Sat May 17 00:13:44 UTC 2014

On 16 May 2014 10:47, Adrian Chadd <adrian at freebsd.org> wrote:
> Ok, I've given this a whirl on a slightly larger system. There's no
> 10Gbit/sec in it yet, but it's stable under 64,000 sockets at
> 1Gbit/sec.
> I'm going to commit this over the next couple of days unless there are
> any objections. The defaults are still the same so it won't affect the
> rest of you.


I've committed the in.h IP_* fields for now, just to get that out of the way.

This patch fixes the inp_cpu lookup code to actually be right. :-)


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