Defaults for if_capenable and detecting user initiated changes

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Wed Nov 27 17:59:12 UTC 2013

Hi net,

I’m reviewing a patch from Roger Pau Monné for the Xen netfront driver.  The goal of the change is to avoid disturbing the user’s settings for the interface just because the backend device has changed or the connection to the backend was reset.  I’ve attached the latest version of the patch.

The current patch leaves the interface settings alone if they can be supported by the newly attached backend.  What would be ideal is to enable capabilities that default to being enabled if they were not explicitly disabled by the user and can be supported by the new backend.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the if_capenable and if_capabilities fields are descriptive enough to deal with an interface whose capabilities can change at runtime.  Just as can be done with link speed, some of these settings need to allow an “auto/default” setting in addition to on or off.  This would allow the user to explicitly disable a capability if needed, but generally allow the system to chose the most optimal settings when they are supported.  Would this be difficult to add?


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