Question about network stack advancements to be on the same level as Linux kernel 3.9+

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Sat Nov 9 22:24:53 UTC 2013

On 9 November 2013 13:58, Oleg Moskalenko <mom040267 at> wrote:
> Those kind of advancements make much more sense for UDP than for TCP.
> Of course TCP would benefit from them, too, but they are really critical for
> UDP.
> TCP stack is already relatively advanced, and the improvements will help in
> only some really extreme high-load use cases - when the TCP listener is the
> bottleneck. On the other hand, UDP would benefit from the improvements even
> in usual ordinary use cases. If I may suggest the priority, it would make
> much more sense to start improving the stack with the UDP.

I don't mind which one gets done, as long as one of them does. :-)

I haven't yet written much UDP testing code. I'll be doing it soon. I
may even take a stab at the UDP side of things. But I'm still knee
deep in mbuf stuff at work (and wifi stuff at home) so I can't make
any guarantees.


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