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>> > I am looking for recommendations for a 10gbps NIC from someone who has
>> > successfully used it on FreeBSD. It will be used on FreeBSD 9.1-R/amd64
>> > to capture packets. Some desired features are:
>> >

We have experience with HP NC523SFP and Chelsio N320E. The key difference 
among 10GBE cards for us is how they treat foreign DACs. The HP would PXE 
boot with several brands and generic DACs, but the Chelsio required a 
Chelsio brand DAC to PXE boot.  There was firmware on the NIC to check the 
brand of cable. Both worked fine once booted. The Chelsio cables were hard 
to find, which became a problem. Also, when used with diskless Unix 
clients the Chelsio cards seemed to hang from time to time. Otherwise 
packet loss was one in a million for both cards, even with 7 meter cables.

We liked the fact that the Chelsio cards were single-port and cheaper. I 
don't really understand why nearly all 10GBE cards are dual-port. Surely 
there is a market for NICs between 1 gigabit and 20 gigabit.

The NIC heatsinks are too hot to touch during use unless specially cooled.

Daniel Feenberg

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