IPv6 Ideas

Bob Van Zant bob at veznat.com
Fri Apr 24 16:51:27 UTC 2009

> What are your problems with using radvd? I have used it quite a bit on 
> FreeBSD (6.1) without any hassle. It's even written quite nicely in my 
> experience so working on patches for it should be quite do-able if there 
> are features missing.

He's saying that the router announcements don't contain any DNS server 
information. There's an extension/option that can be enabled with router 
advertisements to make it send this information, similar in function to how 
DHCP sends out extra info like the default gateway, DNS server, NTP server, 
WINS servers, etc.

To my knowledge this wasn't around when the Kame guys were working on this 
stuff. I don't think a lot of time has been spent updating the v6 support 
applications since then and that's why we don't have this feature.

This isn't a big deal in dual-stack networks because the clients just do DNS 
over v4 with whatever the DHCP server gave. In a pure-v6 world... In 
hindsight it's an obvious oversight that it wasn't included in the first 


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