tokenring users?

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Wed Nov 19 02:30:08 PST 2008

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008, Julian Elischer wrote:


> Andre Oppermann wrote:
>> Julian Elischer wrote:
>>> One of the things that are making things hard for network testing is the 
>>> question
>>> "what to do about tokenring support?"
>>> We seem to have a dearth of tokenring users so we are completely unable
>>> test how changes affect tokenring.
>>> If anyone here knows anyone whoul could:
>>> 1/ help support tokenring
>>> 2/ help test tokenring,
>>> could they get in touch?
>> I guess Token Ring is as dead as it gets.  The last I time ran across
>> someone using it was in 1996 or 1997.  I asked our engineers here (on
>> a customer base of about 1k SME) and got only blank stares.
> yes I think that may be the case but I saw a bug report
> about it a few years ago..

I have given away all my TR equipment a few years back, but I know people
still running TR though with Cisco and non-FreeBSD-OSes though they got rid
of all TR they could get rid off.

So what exactly is your question in supporting and testing FreeBSD TR

And let me ask why you are asking for TR, not FDDI or some of the
other things lingering in sys/net**?


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