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On Sunday 20 July 2008 20:33:09 Julian Elischer wrote:
> Luigi Iannone wrote:
> > Hello FreeBSD Networking Community,
> hello to you too :-)
> > The latter approach is the solution chosen by the proponents of the
> > Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP). LISP is a router-based
> > solution to solve the scaling problems of the Internet architecture
> > that is currently being developed by Cisco.
> Couldn't possibly come up with a better acronym?  "lisp" is kinda
> taken..
> are there any documents with PICTURES you can recommend to us?

The draft is quite readable:

> Does this connect at all with SCTP's capacity to multihome?

(AFAIK) Not at all.  They try to solve similar problems (or at least there 
is some intersection).

A word about the implementation.  The interception mechanism for LISP 
tunneled packets in ip_input/forward is *horrible*!  Some of that is due 
to the design, but I believe it can be implemented much cleaner if you 
were to use the pfil(9) API.  I'd really like to avoid putting this kind 
of stuff into the main ip code as it hurts readability a lot.

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