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> Luigi Iannone wrote:
>> Hello FreeBSD Networking Community,
> hello to you too :-)
>> The latter approach is the solution chosen by the proponents of  
>> the Locator/Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP). LISP is a  
>> router-based solution to solve the scaling problems of the  
>> Internet architecture that is currently being developed by Cisco.
> Couldn't possibly come up with a better acronym?  "lisp" is kinda  
> taken..
> are there any documents with PICTURES you can recommend to us?
Well, the official document can be found here:

If you want some _pictures_  you can get a look here: 

> Does this connect at all with SCTP's capacity to multihome?

Not really. As far as I know SCTP is an end-to-end solution, where  
end-to-end stand for end-hosts.
LISP is meant to be deployed mainly on border routers of stub domains.



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