smbmount / smbclient : strangely varying transfer speeds

Achim nettwork at
Tue Jul 8 13:16:24 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 08 July 2008 03:32:40 Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2008-Jul-07 16:15:40 +0000, Achim <nettwork at> wrote:
> >Performance with a single client is degraded when the client is smbmount
> > and downloading.
> >With a second transfer in any direction, performance becomes better, to
> > about 3.5 resp. 8 MB/s depending on the second connection up- or
> > downloading. Unlike smbmount, single smbclient transfers yield acceptable
> > results.
> Is this two transfers between a single server and single client or
> between a single server and two clients?  In the former case, you
> might like to try a transfers involving two clients or two servers
> to try and identify which end is behaving oddly.

Splendid Idea - As of yet, all test cases indeed were the same two physical 
machines, however if the client is a FBSD7 instead of the kubuntu one, 
comparable results are showing, so i suspect the server (FBSD7) to be the 
source of the oddness. I will try your suggestion as soon as the 
FBSD(Notebook) is back, should be tonight. Furthermore, there is a FBSD 
Dualboot on the kubuntu machine that i will test later to see if it shows the 
same behaviour.

Funnily enough, if the second transfer is a very small-bandwidth one, like 
watching a movie instead of transferring it, the positive effect on the first 
transfer is also a LOT smaller than with a concurrent high-bandwidth access.

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