Freebsd IP Forwarding performance (question, and some info) [7-stable, current, em, smp]

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Jul 3 13:02:19 UTC 2008

Ingo Flaschberger wrote:
> Dear Steve,
>>> My next "router" appliance will be:
>> This is exactly the device that I have been testing with (just 
>> rebranded).
> cool.
> what performace do you reach?

It's hard to say right now as I've really only been testing it with BGP 
and mpd. The only pps testing I've done have been with 100Mbps hosts as 
the only cards I have for hosts on either side are 're' cards which I 
have bad luck with.

I should be getting more Intel GigE cards today, so I'll be testing 
proper pps throughput tomorrow.

On a side, do you know where I can keep track of driver progress for 
're'? I have a boatload of these cards and can't get them to operate 
properly under any version of FreeBSD.

If anyone has any specific tests that they want run on this box, 
including any tweaking, let me know.

Also, I run this box by booting it from USB thumbdrive, so it's trivial 
for me to simply dd the thumbdrive to another, and have multiple 


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