Mpd-4.2 released.

Vladimir Grebenschikov vova at
Thu Jun 28 08:34:58 UTC 2007

В ср, 27/06/2007 в 01:50 +0300, Alexander Motin пишет:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
> > There has been some talk about whether mpd should be put in the base 
> > system to replace our 3 other ppp implementations. I guess one step 
> > would be to see what the usage cases would be for replacing if_ppp and 
> > sppp and a first step
> > would be to see how many users of these there are.
> As I see situation now:
>   ppp - good user-level implementation. Not very fast, but stable, 
> flexible and able to be used with other programs like pppoed.
>   pppd - outdated many years. In theory can be fast with modem links, 
> but who need them now? If used with other programs like poptop will 
> loose it's performance to ppp level due to context switches.
>   sppp - outdated too, but I have never used it. Is there anything 
> except ISDN using it? In my country ISDN is mostly out of use now.
>   mpd - very fast and functional solution. But it is a daemon with 
> limited abilities to be used by other software like getty or some 
> wrappers like pppoed for ppp or GUIs like kppp.

There are also some ppp(d)-based programs in tree, like rfcomm_pppd
(bluetooth modem connection), which behave like ppp/pppd.

just one more notice

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov
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