Mpd-4.2 released.

Julian Elischer julian at
Wed Jun 27 00:00:57 UTC 2007

Alexander Motin wrote:

> As I see situation now:
>  ppp - good user-level implementation. Not very fast, but stable, 
> flexible and able to be used with other programs like pppoed.

possibly there could be a program that can run and then 
pass the connection to mpd.  ppp Uses this technique to run in this way.
ppp processes can pass their open file descriptors to a central ppp
that is running in order to allow it to implement multilink.

>> Brian talked a bit about this at the last DevSummit.. It just needs 
>> someone
>> with the time and knowledge. Possibly Brian could work with Alex to 
>> make sure that
>> all the functionality of ppp is in mpd. He did say that teh command 
>> language would need
>> looking at to ensure that people would have a chance to convert their 
>> scripts..
> Mpd uses command language different from all others, but I think it is 
> not a big problem. If we would compare supported PPP extensions then I 
> think mpd will now win in most nominations.
> The main problem I think is a general usage differences. Mpd was planned 
> and implemented as daemon. It have very limited foreground operation and 
> integration abilities. pppd as example is able to be called from getty 
> and terminate after link disconnect, while mpd does not. sppp is somehow 
> used by i4b project, but I know nothing about it.
> If somebody could help me to make list of reasonable requirements and/or 
> wanted usage examples then I surely will try to implement missing parts.

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