Mpd-4.2 released.

Julian Elischer julian at
Tue Jun 26 17:21:33 UTC 2007

Alexander Motin wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm glad to present version 4.2 of MPD. It includes many new features,
> performance improvements and fixes.


> Complete change log as always can be found at:

There has been some talk about whether mpd should be put in the 
base system to replace our 3 other ppp implementations. 
I guess one step would be to see what the usage cases 
would be for replacing if_ppp and sppp and a first step
 would be to see how many users of these there are.

Brian talked a bit about this at the last DevSummit.. It just needs someone
with the time and knowledge. Possibly Brian could work with Alex to make sure that
all the functionality of ppp is in mpd. He did say that teh command language would need
looking at to ensure that people would have a chance to convert their scripts..

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