Mpd-4.2 released.

Alexander Motin mav at
Tue Jun 26 17:01:40 UTC 2007


I'm glad to present version 4.2 of MPD. It includes many new features,
performance improvements and fixes.

The most significant and unique new feature of mpd-4.2 is a link
repeater functionality. It allows mpd to accept incoming connection of
any supported type and forward it out as same or different type outgoing
As example, this functionality allows mpd to implement real LAC with
accepting incoming PPPoE connection from client and forwarding it using
L2TP tunnel to LNS. All other software L2TP implementations I know is
only a LAC emulators without real incoming calls forwarding abilities.

Also mpd-4.2 presents:
 - PPTP listening on multiple different IPs,
 - L2TP tunnel authentication with shared secret,
 - fast traffic filtering, shaping and rate-limiting using ng_bpf and
 - new 'ext-auth' auth backend as full-featured local alternative to
 - NetFlow generation for both incoming and outgoing packets same time,
 - restored control console on stdin.

Replacing external ifconfig and route calls with their internal
implementations and other optimizations in 4.2 gave significant
performance boost in session management.
Newly implemented overload protection mechanism partially drops incoming
connection requests for periods of critical load by monitoring daemon's
internal message queue.
As result, simple 2GHz P4 system is now able to accept, authenticate and
completely process spike of 1000 concurrent PPPoE connections in just a
30 seconds.

Complete change log as always can be found at:

Alexander Motin

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