Adding Proprietary Link Speed to sys/net/if_media.h

Andre Oppermann andre at
Fri Jun 1 20:05:12 UTC 2007

David Christensen wrote:
> I'm working on improving the fiber support for the bce driver.  One of
> the devices supported by the
> driver (the 5708) supports a 2.5G mode which is negotiated through next
> pages operations during
> normal auto negotiation.  The mechanism for negotiating this speed uses
> standards based 
> mechanisms, but the final speed is currently only supported on Broadcom
> switches and controllers.
> Since this speed is really intended for blade enclosures that's normally
> not a problem but since
> I need to modify sys/net/if_media.h to create a new media type I wanted
> to see if there were any
> strong objections to such a change.  

No objections from me.


> The media type will also be supported on the 5709, a forth-coming
> controller which will also support
> 2.5G operation, so the media type won't be limited to a single
> controller, though it may never be 
> supported outside of Broadcom products.
> Dave
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