Adding Proprietary Link Speed to sys/net/if_media.h

David Christensen davidch at
Fri Jun 1 19:00:39 UTC 2007

I'm working on improving the fiber support for the bce driver.  One of
the devices supported by the
driver (the 5708) supports a 2.5G mode which is negotiated through next
pages operations during
normal auto negotiation.  The mechanism for negotiating this speed uses
standards based 
mechanisms, but the final speed is currently only supported on Broadcom
switches and controllers.
Since this speed is really intended for blade enclosures that's normally
not a problem but since
I need to modify sys/net/if_media.h to create a new media type I wanted
to see if there were any
strong objections to such a change.  
The media type will also be supported on the 5709, a forth-coming
controller which will also support
2.5G operation, so the media type won't be limited to a single
controller, though it may never be 
supported outside of Broadcom products.

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