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Thu Dec 13 14:35:08 PST 2007

On Thu, 13 Dec 2007, Julian Elischer wrote:

Let the colour be green-blue-blue.

> Bruce M. Simpson wrote:
>> How about "setfib"?
>> I strongly believe we should deprecate the use of the term "routing" where 
>> the BSD forwarding plane is concerned, whilst familiar to many it is 
>> misleading as to what that part of the system is actually doing.
> maybe, but it would be a large surprise to everyone who expects that
> structure be be called the routing table as it still is in most systems.

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Things changed the last 13-15 years (route.c should be about that old).

I'd suggest that if you do it, do it all right, like BMS says, or why did
you ask in first place?

> In OpenBSD they have decided to call the in-kernel decriptor 'id' but I'd
> rather go with tableid or maybe tbl_num, because 'id' is too generic.
> 'tid' is already thread id.

Both id or tableid are, for telling you what it is, like 'void' if
there is no strong context. I can easily think of a dozen different
'tables' and even more 'ids'.

I'd suggest to go with any kind of spelling of 'fibid', 'fib_id',
'FIBid', or ...  as that's what it is called these days.


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