bikeshed for all!

Bruce M. Simpson bms at
Thu Dec 13 02:31:13 PST 2007

Julian Elischer wrote:
> I need a word to use to describe the network view one is currently on..
> e.g. if you are usinghe second routing table, you could say I've set 
> xxx to 1
> (0 based)..
> current;y in my code I'm using 'universe' but I don't like that..

I would really really like it if we could stop using the term "routing" 
The kernel forwards, it does not route -- routing protocols route.

I know that when BSD started out the distinction was not so clear, but 
it is in most modern implementations, Windows, IOS etc all draw a 
distinction between the currently winning routes used for forwarding, 
and the routes which are actually exchanged or learnt.

So my vote is for "forwarding domain".

I understand that this feature is something which swaps in a different 
forwarding table for the application one is currently running?

And that it works in a manner similar to chroot() ? Is this different or 
the same as the pf/ipf/ipfw tag you mention?

Also, can we retain compatibility with OpenBSD for now, for any 
equal-cost path stuff we do?


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