bikeshed for all!

Bakul Shah bakul at
Wed Dec 12 15:48:07 PST 2007

> I need a word to use to describe the network view one is currently on..
> setuniverse 1 netstat -rn
> [shows table 1]
> setuniverse 2 route add
> setuinverse 1 route add
> setuniverse 2 route -n get
> [shows]
> setuniverse 1 route -n get
> [shows]
> setuniverse 2 start_apache
> [appache starts, always using to reach the 10.0.0 net.
> also the syscall is setuniverse()
> so, you see I really need a better name....
> setrtab?
> rtab? rtbl?
> and the command should be called "????"

We called it vhost since to all other hosts it behaved like a
host on a network.  In our implementation each virtual host
had a set of interfaces and one routing table and you could
actually "route" packets between these hosts among other
things. You could even have for routing daemons etc. on each

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