FreeBSD 4.x and OS-X tcp performance

Charles Sprickman spork at
Fri Mar 4 14:34:42 PST 2005


Sorry to bring what seems like a simple issue up here.  I had been blaming 
slow afp filesharing between my OS-X (10.3.8 and previous) and FreeBSD 4.x 
boxes on netatalk's afp implementation for some time.  Not too long ago I 
got frustrated with this and tried smb and then ftp.  On a simple 10/100 
network, and even with just a crossover between two boxes it seems that 
any tcp transfer tops out at around 250KB/s.

On the same network using the same switch I can get near line-rate to an 
OpenBSD box and to another OS-X box.

If I use nfs and force udp as the transport, I *do* get near line-rate 
between OS-X and FBSD.

My 5.3 box is tanked at the moment, so I cannot tell if the problem 
happens there as well.  I do have a full ADC account, so I will be testing 
with the latest Tiger preview shortly, and the ADC access does give me a 
decent bug reporting facility if the fault lies within the OS-X tcp stack.

I'm no tcpdump wizard, would anyone care to help me track this down?



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