two 3C905B's in 5.4

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Wed Jul 13 03:23:16 GMT 2005

The 3c905 driver is not very good.  These cards are fine under Windows
but seldom work properly under FreeBSD.  Most of the motherboards I've
tried them in don't work right with them.  We do both Windows and BSD
so you know where I put these cards when I get them.

I'll be happy to swap a pair of Netgear cards with you, send me your
address and I'll mail them to you.  If they work out OK you can mail
me your cards, otherwise just keep them.


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>Subject: two 3C905B's in 5.4
>    I've got a 5.4 box that's going to be a router. It has two
>3C905B cards
>in it and i'm having a blank fill it in as you wish, of a time
>getting the
>cards working. Neither card likes dhcp, sometimes i'll start
>dhclient and
>the cards will work, sometimes they won't. If i give the -v option to
>dhclient i get the message network is unreachable, see readme about
>broadcast address. I know this isn't a cable modem issue or a
>cable, because
>i plugged in an old 3c509 isa card and it worked the first
>time, this fix
>isn't practical for this setup. An ifconfig check shows both 905's in
>autonegociation mode 100-mbit tx, i'm wondering if i should manually set
>them to something, but am unsure as to what. One card one time
>gave me the
>waiting to transmit error message as mentioned in the man page
>and it took a
>reboot to fix it. I've checked the bios on this box and it's
>pnp os option
>is off. Any help appreciated. If more information is needed
>ask, i will send
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