two 3C905B's in 5.4

Hernán Freschi drgenio at
Mon Jul 11 18:49:47 GMT 2005

2005/7/11, dave <dmehler26 at>:

>     I've got a 5.4 box that's going to be a router. It has two 3C905B cards

Well I'm not sure if this helps, but I've read that old 3C905's, esp.
rev. A have lots of issues, which were solved on Rev. C. 3COM does
weird things sometimes, for example, the 3C509 (not 905) don't detect
full duplex properly, because they were released before the MDI
standard. Try setting it to 10/half, 10/full, 100/half and 100/full
and see if they work OK.

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