ntop binary for 5.x in existence ? (the real ntop, not the kitchen sink one...)

Matt Emmerton matt at gsicomp.on.ca
Sat Jul 9 01:47:19 GMT 2005

> Hi Joe,
> > You're right.  Sorry.  It's just so frustrating to see
> > a really great idea, and great tool, co-opted by the
> > linux kids and turned into "my bloated sourceforge
> > project of the week"
> Are you sure the old source can not be found anywhere on the
> Internet ?  If so, it would be worth if you could submit a
> port of the older release of ntop.

I'm working on it :)  It's a bit hairy because of the changes between 4.x
and 5.x, but I should have something by next week.

Matt Emmerton

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