Removing T/TCP and replacing it with something simpler

Karim Fodil-Lemelin kfl at
Sun Jul 3 01:04:14 GMT 2005

Our product is a TCP/IP accelerator for satellite communications please 
Also, please see for an explanation of our 
Transport layer implementation. BTW, The marketing dep has renamed T/TCP 
to fast start and we actually made some modifications to FreeBSD's T/TCP 
but the rfc1644 principles are the same.

Julian Elischer wrote:

> Karim Fodil-Lemelin wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    I am jumping in here, was too busy to read the list for the last 2 
>> weeks,  so please excuse my intrusion. We are using T/TCP in our 
>> product line and are very happy with the performance gain. Could you 
>> tell me what is the rational for removing T/TCP 
>> (security/performances/code complexity, etc ..) from FreeBSD?
>> Again, sorry for being a bit off topic here. 
> what a pitty you didn't notice while it was under discussion: :-(

Yes It is although we are very flexible and so a replacement might be as 
good if not better then what we have now. Especially from a code and 
security perspective. We have always appreciated BSD Engineering process 
and I believe that until we get to see FreeBSD 6.x STABLE we will be 
more then ready.

> We couldn't find anyone using it...
> what is your product?

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