Removing T/TCP and replacing it with something simpler

Randall Stewart randall at
Sun Jul 3 01:04:13 GMT 2005

Matt Emmerton wrote:
> The SCTP home page ( has a list of implementations.  Note that
> I had to use Google's cache of the site -- I believe there was a Slashdot
> article on SCTP this morning which may have taken down the site.

Sigh... It is also over satellite... which is medium speed internet
at best.. my provider may also have limits on how many connection
attempts I get ... I buy a professional package.. but you can
BET I will dump sat has soon as DSL shows up (in the next year or
soo I hope)...

> AIX, Solaris, HP and Cisco all support SCTP in their latest OS versions.
> There are aslo a few different (non-free) implementations for Windows, and
> at least one open-source implementation for Linux (

Linux has SCTP built into the kernle with the lk-sctp project.. I would
not touch the openss7 version.. it is not very compatible with
any other SCTP (it does not follow the standard).. At the last interop
some of the issues were finally fixed (its really the first time they
showed up and tested)... but I don't know if those patches are
available or per fee.

The lk-sctp project in the kernel is far stabler and they are working
to performance tune it (here it needs a lot of work) and AFAIK lk-sctp
will ship with all 2.6.6 and greater kernels... turned on by default
if I remember right..


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