Request to back out Luigis polled-net patch in -stable.

Marko Zec zec at
Sun Jul 3 00:05:07 GMT 2005

Mike Smith wrote:

> > Subject: Request to back out Luigis polled-net patch in -stable.
> I'm entirely in agreement with this; the decision to commit this code was
> extremely ill-advised, and the best thing we can do now for everyone's
> sake is to pull it as quickly as possible.
> > I would also like to point to the parallel piece of code: Jun-Itohs
> > ALTQ for which he reliably has maintained a patch relative to the
> > 4.X branch and which despite various peoples requests have not
> > haphazardly been committed into -stable.  And in that context one
> > should not forget that ALTQ has a lot longer and better trackrecord
> > of high quality than Luigis poll-code, or any of Luigis code for
> > that matter.
> Yes; this is an excellent example of how it can be done better.

Sorry guys, but aren't you comparing apples with oranges? As far as I
understand, ALTQ is focused on implementing various new queuing disciplines,
but on outgoing traffic if I am not mistaking. Luigi's code is aimed on
achieving something completely different - making the system more susceptible
to huge *incoming* traffic loads, by reducing interrupt processing and some
PCI bus overhead. What do these two things have in common?

Concerning the request for removal of the polling code, I personally as a BSD
rookie cannot judge your arguments properly, but I must admit that the
wording and intonation of pkh's note wasn't very pleasant...


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