[jack_umidi] baud rate when writing MIDI messages from USB to jack_umidi

Hans Petter Selasky hps at selasky.org
Wed May 29 14:27:40 UTC 2019

On 2019-05-29 16:15, Marcel Bonnet wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm making a MIDI controller with Arduino UNO and I though somebody could
> help me on clarify if I should set a specific baud rate when writing MIDI
> messages from Arduino (from USB port) that are target to jack_umidi.
> I realize that whem I'm writing chars (debug messages) they are interpreted
> as random MIDI notes. But when I turn debug off and write something like:
>        Serial.write(0x90);
>        Serial.write(0x30);
>        Serial.write(0x7F);
>        Serial.flush();
> no MIDI message is received (I used jack_midi_dump to check, it is empty) .
> So I'm not asking about Arduino itself, but maybe it is something related
> to the baud rate?

The USB protocol use a classification byte. Every USB MIDI command is 
always 4-bytes long.

Regular MIDI is using 64000 baud I think.


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