Getting started with LV2

Russell L. Carter rcarter at
Fri May 10 00:06:10 UTC 2019


So I have my house freebsd sound system built with some older high end
equipment, but it's new enough that the video room is full 5.1
(actually NAD preamp converts to Front-R,C,L) and it sounds awesome.
I've also begun to get interested in converting my many decades (sigh
I'm old) of obscure jazz and weird stuff vinyl and cds to digital.  I
was going to do this on linux, but because of this:

I'm thinking... maybe I don't have to use linux!  And looking at that
audio/*-lv2 ecosystem, hmm, those look very interesting.

Sadly, I apparently have a lapse in my google/ddg/sp/bing skills
because I can't find *any* examples of how to get started with
audio/lv2.  This getting old thing that makes me stupid sure is

So the question I have is, how would I construct some sort of audio
processing pipeline that includes audio/eq10q-lv2 and mpv?  Getting
that going might be enough for me to accomplish my other goals.
Any links are appreciated.

Many thanks,

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