[Bug 220785] audio/jack: Add and enable COOKEDMODE option, Use GitHub

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Mon Jul 17 06:17:05 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Yuri Victorovich <yuri at rawbw.com> ---

> -1 on switching MASTER_SITES, in particular to non-release (commit specific) tags

Jack's release site is broken for these reasons:
* It is http:// making it vulnerable to MITM attacks.
* It doesn't provide tarball fingerprints (md5 or sha256)
At this point it is much safer to use github, it at least is https://

> - Once the next version is released, the need to use specific commit hashes/tags is removed

They release very rarely, once a year or so. It is much easier to move GH
tagname, compared to adding patches.

> Could you please also elaborate on the details of the QA that was run, mentioning versions/architectures/etc of FreeBSD that were tested.

I usually write "Builds in poudriere."
In this case I also ran it for a while.


Jack port at this time is basically half-broken. Real-time fails, and
samplerate is wrong on many cards. These two problems prevent many users from
successfully using Jack. I was struggling with it myself, until I figured out
these two problems.

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