firefox-43 && no sound on MP3, MP4, HTML5

Jan Beich jbeich at
Sun May 1 09:02:23 UTC 2016

Matthias Apitz <guru at> writes:

> I: [(null)] sink-input.c: Created input 0 "AudioStream" on
> oss_output.dsp0 with sample spec float32le 2ch 48000Hz and channel map
> front-left,front-right
> I: [(null)] sink-input.c: = "AudioStream"
> I: [(null)] sink-input.c:     application.process.binary = "firefox"

Firefox uses oss_output.dsp0 sink or /dev/dsp0 but without knowing the
value of hw.snd.default_unit it's not very useful. For details, run

  $ pkg info -D pulseaudio
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