maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 201181] [exp-run] Update ffmpeg to 2.7.1

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Bug 201181: [exp-run] Update ffmpeg to 2.7.1

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Patch to multimedia/ffmpeg to update to 2.7.1

Currently the main ffmpeg port, multimedia/ffmpeg is still on 2.3.x because in
2.4.x several APIs were deprecated that several dependent ports used to rely
on. Most of them should have received the necessary work upstream to make them
compatible with later releases. Recently, I have introduced multimedia/ffmpeg23
for ports that do not comply with later releases. Whatever breaks after an
update of multimedia/ffmpeg to 2.7.x can LIB_DEPEND on multimedia/ffmpeg23
instead; after appropriate patching, that is. This exp-run shall determine what
breaks and how to proceed from here.

Because of it is not
possible to use svn diff | svn patch in to generate/apply this patch. This is
because ffmpeg/files/patch-libavdevice-oss_audio.c was renamed to
ffmpeg/files/patch-libavdevice-oss.c and modified. Therefore I had to retreat
to using diff -ruN. So, please ensure that no empty files are left in files/
after applying this patch.

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