[SOLVED] multimedia/x264 build failure, linker error

Andrew Berg aberg010 at my.hennepintech.edu
Tue Nov 25 15:59:26 UTC 2014

On 2014.11.25 08:56, Gary Palmer wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 08:35:12AM -0600, Andrew Berg wrote:
>> On 2014.11.25 08:26, Gary Palmer wrote:
>> > Since I assume most of the packages that depend on the old x264-0.136.2358_4
>> > depend on the library rather than the CLI command, is there any harm in
>> > doing
>> > 
>> > portmaster -o multimedia/libx264 x264-0.136.2358_4
>> > 
>> > instead?  That way the dependancies are kept (mostly) correct
>> Don't do that. The dependency change has been properly handled, and those ports
>> know to use multimedia/libx264.
> If you followed the instructions in the mail I replied to, the installed
> packages are left with a dependency on x264 and not libx264.
> The real problem is that the few times I tried to use automated update
> methods ran into problems because x264 was already installed and libx264
> couldn't be installed because they conflicted.  Nothing seems to be
> in UPDATING or MOVED so the upgrades break.  There needs to be a better
> way of handling these cases.
As I have stated already in this thread, I am trying to get an UPDATING entry

  x264 was split into the application and its library. If an application
  that uses libx264 is updated before x264 itself, multimedia/libx264 will
  conflict with the old x264 package.

  Delete the existing x264:
  # pkg delete x264

  And then install the updated x264 and/or upgrade the other applications that
  depend on libx264.

This is my fault for not testing upgrades via ports when creating the patch.

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