ITE Technologies, Inc. DVB-T TV Stick [success report]

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Sun Sep 8 20:13:17 UTC 2013

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>Milan Obuch <freebsd-multimedia at> wrote:
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>> Hans Petter Selasky <hps at> wrote:
>> > On 08/27/13 23:05, Milan Obuch wrote:
>> > > Hi,
>> > >
>> > > today I got ITE Technologies, Inc. DVB-T TV Stick and would like
>> > > to use it under FreeBSD. As I did not try anything like this
>> > > before, I would like some help here. First what I did...
>> > >
>> > > Some product info is on -
>> > > not much, as usual.
>> > >

Btw google flags this site as serving malicious code...
>[ snip ]
>> > Hi,
>> > 
>> > Looks like your device is detected and ready to use!
>> > 
>[ snip ]
>> Yes, looks so - and today i did a multimedia/vdr build according to
>> - it seems like it will work. I need to
>> go through some trial-and-error process to learn a bit about it. I
>> will try vlc too, so I can gai some experience with it.
>After some fiddling I found how to use w_scan to get available programs
>and create channelst list for VDR. Now I am able to watch TV on my
>notebook. I did not see how to watch TV with vlc, yet, but it is low
>priority for me, now. I am going to play a bit more with VDR to
>understand plugin possibilities etc.
 Feel free to ask if you still have questions...

 Btw is this a dual tuner i.e. do you get /dev/dvb/adapter0 and 1?
If yes you might want to test if it can really use both tuners or
if that causes stream corruptions like with my af9035 tuner.  To
test this play two channels from different muxes, for example using
vdr-plugin-streamdev in parallel with watching one channel via vdr-sxfe,
or play two channels from different muxes both via streamdev.

 If you do get corruptions you can try forcing hw pidfiltering by
adding "-m dvb-usb-init.force_pid_filter_usage=1" to webcamd_flags
in rc.conf and see if that helps.  (Or I just see maybe it's
"-m dvb_usb_core.force_pid_filter_usage=1" for your tuner.)

 And if that doesn't help you may want to add "-D 0" to vdr_flags
in rc.conf so that it only uses one tuner so as not to mess up
recordings etc.

 And let me know what you find so we can add this info to the wiki...

 Thanx, :)

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